Sunshine & the Blue Moon choose to experiment not only with sound, but mood as well, expanding their aural landscape beyond common signifiers. Blending influences and ideas from across genres and eras spanning from early country, folk, and blues, to 60’s rock and soul, through eclectic 90’s grooves. One listen may place you on a rural country road with your high-school sweetheart, vibing on the summer breeze as it rolls through the trembling trees. While another might place you in a hot dream running through snaking city streets, dancing and grooving through the night.

When they’re not writing, playing or recording, they’re cruising the highways, byways, and back roads in their trusty old car; an 81′ Pontiac so lovingly referred to as ‘Rhonda’ (yes, like the ‘Beach Boys’ song.) Forever in search of beauty and inspiration, you will often find by their side, their best bud and honorary band-mate Laura-Lynn Petrick, armed and wondrous with her arsenal of cameras and film equipment, ready to capture all the beauty waiting to be found, and all the fun waiting to be had.
Having had the pleasure of gracing the stage with such ace acts as The Growlers, Juan Wauters, Chris Cohen, Homeshake, and Michael Rault, amongst others, they are ready to burst the border, greet the world and bring their brand of entertainment and excitement to far flung ears and eyes of willing and diverse audiences.